31 July 2012

Project work on internet safety

These are some projects my 6th graders created on Internet safety. There hasn't been much interaction going on here as all the learning, commenting and interaction took place on our e-safe 'n sound blog, a blog especially created to raise students awareness of internet safety, wise sharing and digital citizenship. After a series of lessons, they worked collaboratively to create the projects below. Enjoy :-)

Sophia Mavridi 

7 July 2012

How to Stay Safe on YouTube

By Helen M., Irene R. Nickolas A. and Maira M.

Stay safe on YouTube - Video

Stay Safe on Facebook

By Vicky M. and Irene G.

Stay Safe on Facebook

Safe Facebook

By Nick K., Stelios C., Michael A. and John G 

How to stay safe on Skype

By Popi T. and Glykeria G.

Safety on YouTube

By Sophie P. and Helen G.

My favourite singer: Jenifer Lopez

By Nick K.

Our favourite singer: Pitbull

By Popi T., Sofiana P., Helena M. and Nikolas A.

Shakira by Irene G., Irene R., Vassiliki M. and Helena M.

class project: Shakira
class project: Shakira

Watch the video before you answer the questions!

12 May 2012

Meet me by Argyro


My name is Argyro and I’m 11 years old. I go to the 5th grade of primary school. I have a sister whose name is Marianna.  We are twins. I love  dancing and singing. I play volleyball every Saturday and Sunday and I love it. If  you want to know more about me, leave a comment and I will answer your questions  soon.


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