27 January 2012

Our pets

By Irene R. and Vicky M. 6th Grade

Our pets -


irene roussou said...

Irene how many years live the canaries??

Vicky M. said...

I am Vicky M.Canaries live 5-6 years.Thanks for your question!!

Popi said...

Vicky i like, too this cats because it's little and very cute.

argyro said...

the kitten is very cute and i love it. It is actually
very sweet. congratulations to all

Vicky M. said...

thnx for your comments!!!I love and I Persian kittens.It's very furry and very sweet!!!!again thnx for your comments love Vicky!!

Fofi said...

Hi girls,

your project is wonderful. I like cats too but I don't have one. Are they naughty? Do they destroy things in the house?

Vicky M. said...

Hi Fofi!!
No the Persian cat isn't naugty and not destroy things in the house.It's very quiet.
Thanks for your comment!
With love

Vicky M.

irene said...

hi girls we have done very good job!!! One question! Irene,how often do you feed your canary?


irene g. said...

hi! Irene R. I feed my canary every Suturday!!

elena said...

shi girl i hate cats and canaries but i like very much your project

Vicky M. said...

ok Helen!!I haven't got problem thnx for your comment!!!
with love Vicky M. <3 :)

Vera said...

Hi girls,

I liked your project. My question is can persian cats stay alone at home? Or they cry when they are alone?

Vera said...

I forgot one more question:
How much does it cost to buy a persian cat? How much a canary?

Thanks girls

Vicky M. said...

Hi Vera!
The Persian Kitten it's very rare whenever is expensive.
Thanx for your comment!
With love
Vicky M. <3

Vera said...

Hi Vicky,

what you mean whenever expensive?
Are they expensive or not expensive?

Thanks for the answer

Vicky M. said...

Hi Vera again!!!
Sorry I confused!!Yes It's litlle bit expensive!!
Sorry again and thanx for your comment!!
With love Vicky M.

irene g. said...

irene g. the canaries live 8-10 years vicky said 5-6 but live 8-10 years

irene g. said...

hi Vera ! One canary costs 50 euros!!! thanks for the comments you and all people!!bye bye

irene g. said...

thxx all for comments about i and vicky

bye bye all

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