27 February 2012

Meet me by Popi


I'm Popi and I’m 11 years old. I am in the 6th class of Xenopoulos primary school. I live in a house in Byron! I have a brother whose name is John and he is 14years old. 

My dad Stamatis and my mother Katerina are the best parents in the world. I don’t have a pet because my parents don’t let me, but I would like to have one, especially dog.

When I grow up I would like to be a gym trainer because I like gymnastics very much. My dad was a football player when I was little, so I probably got the talent from him.

If you want to know more about me live me a comment and I will answer your question soon!




argyro said...

very good bravo

Vicky M. said...

Hi Popi!!Your portfolio it's so nice!! 1 question:Who's your favorite actor???

irene g. said...

Hi Popi! Well done!! 1 question : How many years are you doining gym??????

Popi said...

Vicky my favorite actor is TOMAS PROTOPAPAS. Thank you for your question.

Popi said...

Hi Irene G. I do gymnastic for 7 years.

Vicky M. said...

Hi Popi!!
Thanx for your answer!! :)

glykeria said...

very good job

Popi said...

Thanks all for your comments

LOVE POPI!!!!!!!!!!!!

argyro said...

Very nice Popi. Congratulations!

Vicky M. said...

Hello Popi!!
Good job!!!
I ask you 1 question:What is your favorite sport??

Popi said...

Hi Vicky!

Answer:My favorite stort is AEROBIC
Thanks for your comment

Bye POPI!!!

John G said...

Well dawn Popi,very nice photo

popi said...

Thank you JOHN!!!

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