5 December 2011

Christmas trips tips

Have you already planned your Christmas trip? If not, read our suggestions and spend a wonderful Christmas holiday in those fantastic places.


By Irene Z. (5th grade)

Lapland is the “Queen of snow”. It is a magic place with many forests, mountains and frozen lakes. Nights are long and daylight hours are few. You can visit Santa’s house and meet him, play with his reindeers or leave him a letter. Don’t forget to wear warm clothes such as scarves, coats and gloves. It’s a must-see place!!!


By Angela K. (5th Grade)

When you go to Paris you can visit Disneyland. In Disneyland you can see a lot of rides and you can try all of these but be prepared you may need to spend a lot of money. Never mind, it is very beautiful and you will have great fun. Disneyland is really big with huge castles, roller coasters and clowns. In Disneyland you can take photos with Mickey Mouse and other Disney Heroes and you can play with them if you want.

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