27 February 2012

Meet me by George D.


My name is George and I am 11 years old. I don’t have any brother or sisters.
My favourite colours are blue and purple. I like sports and my favourite is football.

My favourite food is sutzukakia with mashed potatoes.

I don’t like people who speak a lot and I hate basketball. I love my uncle because he comes every Saturday and we play together. We do a lot of things together.

When I grow up, I’d like to be a plastic surgeon because they earn a lot of money.


George D.


irene g. said...

Why your favourite colours are blue and purple ?????

Alexandros said...

Hi George,

I love my uncle too because he's young and we play computer games and wii together. Do you play wii?

vasia x. said...

very nice!!!!!this is all i have to say!!!!!!

argyro said...

very nice

George said...

no but i play playstation 3

Anonymous said...

no but i play playstation 3

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