27 February 2012

Meet me by Helen G.


My name is Helen and I’m 12 years old. I live in a flat on the fourth floor. I have a brother whose name is George and he is four years old.

I am a sport type and I go volleyball three times a week and I really like it. In my free time I usually play computer games.

In the afternoon I often go for a walk with my friends . We go to the park or to the cinema. I like adventure films.

If you want to know more about me leave a comment and I will answer your questions soon!!


Vicky M. said...

Hi Helen!!Your portfolio it's super!! 1 question:what's your favourite color??

stauroyla said...

hello helen what's your mother's name and your father's name?

irene.r. said...

Helen which is your favourite colour?

HelenG said...

hello vicky and Irene !! and thanks for your comment. My favourite color is purple and blue

Vicky M. said...

Hello Helen!
Thanx for your answer!!

irene g. said...

well done helen !!!! where do you live???? bye bye

HelenG said...

hello irene g. I live Byron Pegrati
thanks for your comment :)

mariak said...

what's your favoyrite singer?

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