27 February 2012

Meet me by Helena M.

Hi all,

I'm Helena and I am 11 years old. I have 2 sisters Ariadne and Joanna and I have one little dog, Sissy. You can see her in my project about pets on this blog. 

I live in Athens, in a block of flats on the first floor. I have a lot of friends but my best friend is Irene. I and Irene, we play volleyball together and we have a great time. I also go to the swimming pool and play volleyball many times during the week. I really love it.




Vicky M. said...

Hi Helena!!Very good job bravo!! I ask you one question:How old are Ariadne and Joanna??

elena said...

they are 10 years old

Popi said...

How old is Sissy???


elena said...

she is 2 years old thanks for your comment

Markela said...

hi Helen i have 1 question what will be you grow?

Vicky M. said...

Hi Helena!!
I ask you one question:Do you like Stroumfita?

elena said...

i will become a lawyer.

Elena said...

yes i like

Popi said...

thanks for your answer HELEN

Vicky M. said...

HI Helen!
And I love Stroumfita!!!She is so sweet!!!

argyro said...


popi said...

hi helen can i ask you smt;

are your sisters annoying;;;;;;;;;


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