6 May 2012

Endangered species

By Maria G.                                                       

Nowadays, people kill a lot of animals for  their meat and  their fur. As a result, lots of animals have disappeared. We must stop this because, in the end, more animals will disappear. Some endangered species are whales, red and black pandas, seals, bears, pink dolphins and the turtle caretta caretta. It is very sad and we must do something to protect these animals.    

Do you know other endagered animals? How do you think we can help them?                           


argyro said...

Very good job! I liked it!!!

Deppy said...

Well done Maria, I like your post very much. I think the wolf is also endangered and the dear but I'm not very sure. It's so bad that so many animals are endangered. We must stop this because it's not fair.

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