16 May 2011

Eye of the tiger by Survivor

Hi everybody,

this is our favourite song. It was the soundtrack of Rocky III, an old film with Sylvester Stalone. The song talks about how a famous boxer found his power to fight again. For us it is a symbol of hard work and victory! We hope you like it!

Alex K.
Andrew K.
Bill M.
Konstandinos P.

Our tasks for you

1. Listen to the song. Do you like it? Why/why not?
2. Now click the link below the video and follow the instructions.
3. Tell us if you liked our project by writing a comment.

Eye of the tiger quiz


Artemis-Marilena said...

Your song is wonderful and dynamic. It’s old but very different and special!

Marilena and Artemis

Maria M. said...

Hi boys,

The song was fantastic, old but unforgettable! I loved its rock music too. Well done!

Maria M.

Sotiris and Nick said...

The song is really fantastic although a bit old. The quiz was a piece of cake and the music great. Bravo!

Sotiris and Nick

Selena said...

Who wrote that song? It’s wonderful! It’s from Rocky I, right?


Marios A said...

Good work and nice quiz but the song is so-so. I think there are better songs. Sorry about the bad things I said.

Marios A.

Michael A. said...

The song is very nice and hard.

viky said...

very nice song i like it!

sofianna said...

very nice the project!well done boys!very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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