16 May 2011

Our guidelines to Internet safety

1. Use only your first name, never your surname.

2.Never include personal details such as addresses, telephone numbers or family information.

3. Always be polite and respectful to others.

4. Students must have parental permission to post their photo on the blog.

5. Parents are asked to use their first name only when they leave comments so as not to identify their child.

6. All comments submitted have to be approved by Mrs Sophia before they are included on the blog to ensure only polite ones are published.

7. All posts written by students are checked by Mrs Sophia before they are published.

8. Our blog is completely supervised and safe but it is good to know that you should always be very careful when you surf the Internet. Always tell your teacher or parents if someone you don't know tries to get your personal information, meet you in person or threaten you.


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very good

argyro said...

very useful rules for the internet. Thanks

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