2 May 2011

Have a nice day by Bon Jovi

We like this song because it's a very popular one and the lyrics are powerful. It talks about how people can be positive in a negative world and we think this message is important for young people like us. We also like it because one of the singers, Bon Jovi, is our favourite singer. We hope you find it interesting.


Nick B. and Sotiris F.

Our tasks
1. Listen to the song. Do you like it or not?
2. Click on the link below the video clip and follow the instructions of our quiz.
3. Leave a comment for us if you want.


Artemis said...

A very powerful song. Well done and have a nice day ;)


Marilena said...

I liked this song, very dynamic and rock. Love it :)


Penelope said...

I love the video clip, it was funny and interesting. And the song is dynamic and has great music. Bravo!

Mary said...

Hi Nick and Sotiris,

The song is absolutely fantastic but the lyrics were a bit difficult. The beat makes you dance and this is something I personally like



Marios A said...

Hi boys,

this was a nice project. The song has power and it is very rock. Bravo boys!

Marios A.

Sophie O. said...

This is my favourite song. It reminds me my rock days and want to listen to it everyday and dance.

George and Marios K. said...

The song is great and it reminds us of the freedom that we should have. Nice quiz too.

Maria and Sofia said...

This is a fantastic song. We remember our holidays because we danced with this song all the time.


Maria ans Sofia

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