2 May 2011

Losing my religion by REM

We are Mary and Sophie! We chose “Losing my religion” first of all because REM is one of the most popular bands and this is their best hit ever. Moreover, we like the lyrics as they talk about human faith. Last but not least, we love pop music and this is why we chose a pop song for our presentation. We hope you have fun.

Good luck,

Mary M. and Sophie O.

Our tasks for you

1. Listen to the song but don’t do the task yet. Did you like the music or the lyrics more?
2. Now click on the link below the clip and do the tasks.
3. Leave us a comment please. We want to know if you liked our project and why!

Losing my religion quiz


Helen said...

Wow, this is an old song, isn't it?
Fantastic project by the way. And I got a 100% in the quiz. Well done!


danae (st1) said...

I loved the song! The quiz was really easy! I think that these old songs are the best!!!

argyro said...

wow it is perfect. I like pop songs especially this one. What a nice project!

marianna said...

bravo to all

argyro said...

I loved the song and the quiz was really easy. I think that these old songs are the best.

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