2 May 2011

Holiday by Scorpions

We are Anthony and John and this is our favourite song. We like it for many reasons but the most important ones are because it is easy and because it reminds us of our summer holidays on beautiful islands. The video we found on youtube is great and makes us want to go on holiday. Do you like it too?


Anthony and John

Our tasks for you
1. Listen to the song first. Do you like it and for what reasons?
2. Now click on the link below the clip and do our quiz.
3. Leave us a comment and tell us if you liked our project? What did you like most, the video clip, our quiz or the lyrics?


Alex said...


It's a nice song but I don't like slow songs very much. Nice quiz!

Alex K.

Mary and Sophie said...

Hi Antony and John,

Amazing lyrics but the song was a bit slow. Nice quiz

Your friends,

Maria and Sofia

Maria and Sofia said...

Hi boys,

the song is fantastic and your work excellent. The song reminds us of our holidays last summer.

with love,

Maria and Sofia

Sotiris and Nick said...


well done for your work. The song is so-so because it is very slow in the start but your quiz was fantastic

Aggelos, Marios K. , Marios A. , George said...

With this song we remembered our holiday. Very peaceful and nice.

Aggelos, Marios K., Marios A.,George

Irene.R. said...

It's a very good song and very popular!!Good job!!

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