2 May 2011

What about now by Westlife

Hello girls and boys,

How are you? What’s your favourite song? Ours is “What about now” because it’s a slow song and makes our minds travel. We want to listen to it everyday because it makes us feel great. Do you want to listen to it too?


Maria V. and Sofia F.

Our tasks for you
1. Listen to the song first. What do you think it talks about?
2. Now click on the link below the clip and do our quiz.
3. Leave us a comment and tell us if you liked our project or ask us a question!


Sotiris and Nick said...

The song has nice lyrics but the music is so-so. When was the song written?

Aggelos said...

This song is really great. Well done girls!

Sophia said...

What about now is a beautiful song. It has nice melody and lyrics.

with love,


Sophie O. said...

I loved the song. What are the names of the singers?

Sophie O.

Mary said...

Excellent song and the singers' voice
is great. Do you know their names?



Selena said...

It's the best song that I ever hear plus that the video clip is perfect.

Well done for the quiz too



Artemis said...

It was a fantastic quiz. The song is a bit sad but powerful and romantic. Nice, nice, nice


Sotiris and Nick said...

Hello girls,

The song has great lyrics but the music is so-so because it is slow. When did they write it"

With love,

Sotiris and NIck

Aggelos said...

A great quiz and great song. Very dynamic. Like it.

Alex said...


Nice song and the quiz was very easy. I liked it very much


beba said...

the song was great and the singers was too good!good job kids!!!

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