2 May 2011

Skater boy by Avril Lavigne


We are Marilena and Artemis and we decided to present this song because we like Avril and we think this is her best song. It talks about a skater boy who became famous and then everybody wanted to be friends with him. We think this is not fair and we should love our friends for what they are.                                                           

We hope you like it

Marilena C. and Artemis S.

Our tasks for you

1. Listen to the song first. Do you understand the lyrics?
2. Now click on the link below the clip and do the tasks of the quiz.
3. Leave us a comment and tell us if you liked our project and why!


sofianna said...

well done girls!!!

sofianna said...

well done girls!!!

danae (st1) said...

I loved the song! The lyrics are meaningfull and I agree with your opinion about loving our friends for what they are. I will download it for my mp3!

selena s. said...

nice song girls
i like avril too

Popi said...

your project it was so lovely and i like too arvil, but no so much.

Argyro said...


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