2 May 2011

No One by Alicia Keys

Hi everyone,

We are three girls: Penelope, Selena and Vera. We chose this song because it’s our favourite. The lyrics are very easy to understand and the music is great. Every time we listen to it we dance and sing it and we feel so happy. We hope you like it too.


Penelope A. , Selena S. and Vera K.

Our tasks for you
1. Listen to the song first. Do you understand the lyrics?
2. Now click on the link below the clip and do the tasks of the quiz.
3. Leave us a comment and tell us if you liked our project or not and why. Have you got any questions?

No one quiz


Maria M said...

It is a fantastic song as well as its lyrics !I liked the quiz,too. Excellent work!

selena s. said...

i like the colours very much

selena s. said...

i like the colous very much

marianna said...

alisia keys is beatiful

argyro said...

all is fantastic. The song, the lyrics ang guiz are excellent. Very good job. Bravo and congratulations to all

elena said...

hi girls i like very much this song good job

argyro said...

i like the alisia keys this song is the favorite for the song in alisia keys bravo to all

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