21 March 2012

Meet me, by Kyriakos

Hi   all, 
My name is Kyriakos and I’m 11 years old.I’m a 6th grade primary school student and I live in Athens.I live in a flat on 6th floor.I have two brothers who are eight years old and we play together all the time.They are twins. In my free time we like playing computer games, football, watching tv and going to our Taekwon-Do classes.                                                      
When I grow up I would like to become a mechanic or electrician because I like cars. I think I’ll be very good at it.                                                   



P.S. I also like drawing and my friends and teachers say I’m good at it. This is a picture I drew in class.

1 comment:

argyro said...

very good job kyriako whats your favorite song

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